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Diamantend - qualitÓ e resistenza nel tempo 100% made in italy Diamantend - qualitÓ e resistenza nel tempo 100% made in italy


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Diamantend is designed and made by Al Fibra Globe​ Srl.
Established in 1990, Al Fibra Globe works in its industry thanks to the experience gained during the early stages of its activities.
Initially a family run business, Al Fibra Globe has developed marked production skills concerning hand-crafted manufacturing of aluminium, iron and other types of metals and it is in step with the times evolving in the aluminium manufacturing industry.

Nowadays Al Fibra Globe Srl
is a well-known company dedicated to the industrial production of aluminum articles for trade on public areas and stores.

Its products​, 
are made with attention to the smallest details in order to guarantee long life, high performance, complete functionality along with the ability to fully satisfy any economic or qualitative needs according to the safety laws.
Moreover, Al Fibra Globe has acquired many moulds to assemble accessories and aluminium profiles: searching for the newest best solutions, the factory is able to produce all items on customers’ specific requirements from the beginning of the manufacturing, and it is the one and only firm capable to offer the best product diversification on the market.

The Company policy  
is firmly oriented to the principles of seriousness and professionalism: constantly upgrading tools and machinery, the whole production process maintains the highest European standards guaranteeing top quality (EC certified).
Nowadays, Al Fibra Globe works in Italy and also in the international areas collecting excellent references.

Al Fibra Globe Srl
In continuing effort to satisfy customers’ needs in order to achieve a mutual target has improved its Management System that now meets well-defined standard requirements obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification.


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accessori e personalizzazioni

and color customizable
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The folding tent Diamanted provides a professional solution for any kind of event, suitable for inside/outside spaces, fully-equipped and totally customizable (size, color). Wide color range aviable.