il gazebo pieghevole

Diamantend - qualitÓ e resistenza nel tempo 100% made in italy Diamantend - qualitÓ e resistenza nel tempo 100% made in italy
  • The security botton

    The security botton

    locks the sheets when the folding gazebo is opening or closing, providing the necessary security and saving time during the assembly process
  • The spacer 

    The spacer 

    kepts the safe distance between sheet and tent during the opening/closure process of folding gazebo, preventing  the fabric to break during the assembly.
  • The special bolts

    The special bolts

    solid and compact, screen the structure and the fabric during the assembly of the folding gazebo, providing more solidity to the joining parts of the sheets.
  • The die-cast foot

    The die-cast foot

    in die-cast aluminium with triangular section guarantees stability, lightness and endurance to the structure.
  • The strenghten ends

    The strenghten ends

    guarantee a long term duration of the folding gazebo, keeping the fabric from contact with aluminium sheets.
  • Made in italy

    Made in italy

    Both fabric and structure are made exclusively in Italy.
  • The Joining parts

    The Joining parts

    are made in extruded aluminium and covered with rubber casing, useful to save the fabric from contact with inner sliding elements. Less friction, more sliding.
  • The solid tent

    The solid tent

    with ribbon is waterproof and fire-resistant.

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The folding tent Diamanted provides a professional solution for any kind of event, suitable for inside/outside spaces, fully-equipped and totally customizable (size, color). Wide color range aviable.